• Jamie Lewis

Skinny Jeans Are Done But That's Okay!

We have all heard the news about the skinny jeans being retired, and yes it is true leave them behind in 2020 and upgrade. This is okay, fashion evolves and they had strong run!

A lot of you might be annoyed about this because skinny jeans were known for the stretch and mid/high rise which in return meant comfort and coverage! Completely understandable and I share that pain with you.

Gen Z is now all about relaxed thicker denim with little to no stretch which adds another level of frustration to stay up to date. Yes, we can tailor and and make adjustments but in reality there are SO many styles of denim that will work for your figure that you can purchase right off the rack. It just about finding the right pairs.

To make finding your next pair a little easier, I curated a shopping guide of three specific styles that can easily replace your skinny jeans.These specific styles will not need alterations and all have the an added element of the beloved stretch.

Running Errands:

Track Pants/ Sweater/ Sneakers

Polished & Comfy:

High Rise Straight Leg / Cardigan / Tee-Shirt/ Chelsea Boots

Casual Meetings:

Cropped Boot Cut / Blazer / Blouse / Booties

Let's Dive Deeper....

Track Pants: This style is great for any woman still holding on to her sweatpants and elastic waist. You'll look more elevated in these and still feel all the comfort you were after. Ankle length is where you want these to lay. Pair with all your slides and sneakers and if you want to dress them up you can even wear booties and a blazer.

High Rise Straight Leg: Think of this as your modern day skinny leg. Usually, this style will also be a thicker denim. The ones below have slight stretch, if you purchase alternate pairs and you are a little curvier always looks under "size/fit" to confirm an element of spandex is added or chances are they won't be the most flattering.

This cut should become one of your staples and highly suggest purchasing a darker and lighter wash.

Cropped Boot Cut: Some refer to this style as the "kick flare" and it is also my personal favorite for petite women. Typically, this cut will lay mid-calf, for petite women it lays right around the ankle and is an easy way to add flare to your denim.

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